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Distal radius reductions
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Hematoma block 8 S. Dyer Hi Russell and thanks for the reply. So if I push on it, I charge fracture care. I know some practices charge fracture care for every fracture, but in my neck of the woods the patients get sticker shock when they see the global amount and some even have to make copays (in the global) at f/u apts depending on the insurance. So I only do it if I am actively reducing the fracture. Otherwise it gets itemized. I think the key (depending on your practice rates) is if you are going to see them more than 3-4 times. Less than 3 you will do better with fx care, more then 3-4 you will do better with a global (assuming your changing splints/casts, xrays, etc). To answer your question, I think the global for a DRF reduction in my office is several hundred? Not sure exact number, but I know it pays well. And everything is billed under my NPI as I am doing walkin urgent care. I mean you're basically charging a surgical CPT code. It is definitely worthwhile to do if you have the right payor mix. One of those is equal to at least 3-4 new back consults I think. Plus it's more fun. One other thing that used to tick off the docs in my group-one of my predecessors would charge fracture care on every fracture and make the follow up with MD. Guess who couldn't charge an OV b/c was under the global? HA! I know that rule doesn't apply if you send to a hand specialist in the same group. I guess the same goes for a f/u from the ED.
by S. Dyer
Thursday, September 14, 2017