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Membership drive

Posted By Sam Dyer, Thursday, September 20, 2018

PAOS has increased membership 20% in the last year after member levels were stagnant for awhile. I am delighted that so many of you are loyal to the PAOS and continually renew your membership. I also welcome those of you new to the profession and orthopedics as a career, we are glad to have you join us. As an organization, our lifeblood is you, our members. This is why it is so important for us to grow our membership base. As our membership grows, it allows us to continue to bring you new and fresh cme content in a variety of channels. It also supports several conferences at different times of the year, varying both in content and geographic locations. My goals are to make PAOS your primary resource for continuing education, and to create a community of like minded colleagues who can share their ideas and experiences as a PA professional in orthopedics. I hope you share this vision with me. As a profession, we have strength in numbers and our unified voice will make a difference.

PAOS has been around for a long time, and over the years we have had many members who for whatever reason let their membership lapse. I think some have changed professions, some have looked for other content providers, but many (I think) just forgot that their membership expired. Life happens. Work happens. Family happens. Many things take center stage and membership in PAOS is the last thing to think about until its time to get CME. I understand this very well. We have thousands of former members-and I think many have just forgotten to renew their membership. To those folks I want to make it easier for you. We have simplified the membership categories-this was long overdue and I apologize for not addressing it sooner. We now offer auto renewal so you don't have to remember if you need to renew-we'll do it for you. For those that want a variety of educational topics, I believe that we now have the resources and cme content to provide you with all your cme and conference needs. For those that are no longer members, I want you to come back to us. There is value in a PAOS membership ranging from discounts on quality conferences, books and audiovisual content, to an exclusive national practice and salary survey that focuses on PAs in orthopedics. The survey alone is worth more than twice what PAOS charges for membership. There are so many things that are available to you as a member, I hope you consider joining us.

We will soon be initiating a membership drive focused on former members. I hope that this will bring more members back and allow us to continue to grow, both as an organization and a community of orthopedic professionals.



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Jessica Pykosz says...
Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Not completely related to this post, but just out of curiosity are any of you PAOS members considering or are AAOS members? And if yes, are you planning on attending their annual meeting? Just wondering what kind of PA presence will be there.
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Sam Dyer says...
Posted Friday, October 5, 2018
Hi Jessica.
Thanks for your question. The new AAOS PA membership category does not include PAOS members, and it is an additional fee that you pay to the AAOS. Any PA can apply, but there is a vetting process that is explained on their website. They also have a very large cme catalogue, however, please make sure you understand what you are buying before you purchase-much of the content is geared toward orthopedic surgeons. For me personally, I find more value in PAOS membership. In my opinion, our content better suits the needs of practicing PAs in ortho, but this is a personal choice. The same thing with the meeting-I think our conferences are well run and the content is more in line with what practicing PAs need. I hope you check out our free videos (I'm spilling the beans here) that we are going to offer PAOS members for PA week. Take a look at those and see what you think compared to what is offered by the AAOS. I suspect you'll feel the same way after you have had a chance to compare.
We will have a booth in their exhibit hall to educate providers and students about PAOS and PA roles in ortho. If you do attend their meeting, please stop by and say hello.
Thanks, Sam
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