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10/17/2018 at 1:10:59 AM GMT
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A 20 year old male presents to ortho clinic with a chief complaint of low back pain that radiates to his buttocks and hamstrings worsened by flexion and extension. He admits to feeling some "instability" in his low back during football practice especially when he tackles. His pain level is moderate with exercise and a 1-2 with rest. He denies numbness/tingling down his legs. He improves slightly with 6 weeks of rest, physical therapy, bracing and naproxen. On exam he has tenderness to palpation of his low back and mild decreased range of motion. Radiographs seen below.

1) What do you see in the images?
2) What is his diagnosis?
3) What would be your next step after initial management?
4) What might be his future prognosis

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2/10/2020 at 3:59:28 PM GMT
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