Thoracic spine injury
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12/16/2018 at 2:43:07 PM GMT
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Thoracic spine injury

A 20 year old male rear-ends another vehicle while going 50 miles per hour. His airbag deploys. After the crash he initially feels some pain on his chest and abdomen where the seatbelt hit. He also admits to some mid to low back pain. He denies confusion, significant headache, numbness, tingling, weakness or loss of bowel/bladder.

On exam he is tender over his lower thoracic vertebrae and has some pain with flexion and extension. No motor or sensory deficit. He walks with a non-antalgic gait. He does have some mild abdominal bruising where the seatbelt hit.

AP and lateral spine x-rays taken in the offices shows significant translation at the T12 vertebrae with minimal anterior wedging.

A CT seen below is ordered to help with diagnosis.

What is the patient's diagnosis?

What is the first line treatment with this CT as well as the patient's exam findings?