Displaced Midshaft Radial Fracture
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Displaced Midshaft Radial Fracture 0 S. Kelham The patient is a 32 y/o AA RHD male presenting to your Orthopeadic urgent care clinic with acute Right forearm (FA) pain.  He is 5 foot 10 inches tall and approximately 190 pounds. He describes a FOOSH type injury to the FA during a flag football game over the weekend.  His pain is rated a 6/10 with the inability to pronate and supinate at the wrist.  Your astute physical exam reveals swelling and discreet eccymosis with a mild angulation deformity of the forearm.  You order a wrist and forearm plain film radiograph for further evaluation.  The radiograph demonstrates a minimally displaced midshaft radial fracture and apparent disruption of the distal radial-ulnar joint. #1- What is the name given to this particular FX pattern? #2- How would you immobilize the patient awaiting surgical stabilization? #3- What is the name given to the second common FX pattern involving a proximal ulna FX and dislocation of the radial head?
by S. Kelham
Sunday, October 21, 2018