2018 Election Candidates
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2018 Election Candidates

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for the open Board positions.  Voting opens May 1 and closes on May 31 at 12 midnight (EST).  Eligible voting members will receive an email with a link to their ballot on May 1.

For President

Samuel Dyer, PA-C, MHS

My name is Sam Dyer, and I am asking for your vote for reelection. For the last three years, I have served the PAOS as president elect/president. My goals were to increase PAOS membership, support and enhance our CME programs, and advocate for change to the NCCPA recertification process. I believe that I have accomplished these goals, but I want to do more.

When I decided to run for president, my primary goal was to grow PAOS membership. We now have over 1800 members, an increase of more than 20% since my election. We did this in several ways. We created a more functional website including a robust career center focused on PAs in ortho. We outsourced our social media increasing member engagement across three platforms. We published updated, streamlined practice and salary surveys. We developed partnerships to offer discounted texts, online CME, and work apparel. We initiated a marketing campaign to increase our visibility to PA students/new grads, ortho and hospital administrators, and ortho surgeons.  We expanded our CME offerings and now have multiple opportunities for learning. We voted to fund our scholarship with 10% of net proceeds from our conferences. As a result, we increased our scholarships to two $5000 annual awards and now have a plan to sustain and grow this program in the future.

My second goal was to support the PAOS and our CME programs. We continued our annual CME conference, an ongoing success. We added a popular “mini conference” in Charlotte; the third such meeting will be this spring.  This effort was recognized and awarded the 2016 AAPA outreach and advocacy program for innovation in CME. We developed virtual meetings (AV recordings) of our conferences and offer these as both a reference and enduring CME content. I am currently working with the AAPA on an agreement to co-promote this content on learning central. We are also planning an inaugural west coast conference in Phoenix, 2019. My ultimate goal is to continue to develop several relevant, PA-specific CME options for our members.

My third goal was to advocate for change to the NCCPA recertification process. I believe the current high stakes exam is a poor way to measure proficiency and knowledge in orthopedics. Subsequently, I commissioned a survey to determine what our members want from recertification. While there was much debate on the topic, a majority of respondents reported a desire for change. After publishing these results, I had discussions with the leaders at both the NCCPA and AAPA about our concerns. The NCCPA is now experimenting with take home exams based on core medical knowledge offering an alternative to the current PANRE. While there is still room for improvement, I feel that this is a win for PAs in orthopedics.

In conclusion, I have worked diligently to improve our organization and profession. I did this by growing the value of PAOS membership, expanding our CME content and being an advocate for positive change for PAs in ortho. I appreciate your consideration, and I ask for your vote for reelection for president.

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For Treasurer

Robert Thomas, PA-C, ATC, DFAAPA

I am currently the treasurer for PAOS and I have served our organization for the past 8 years as treasurer.   I have enjoyed serving the members of this great organization very much and would like to continue for another term. I have been able to see the growth of our membership and also our finances.  We are on solid ground financially, which has allowed our organization to introduce many new and exciting benefits to our members. Your executive board is working on projects to make sure that physician assistants who work in orthopedics are well-recognized and that our name PAOS is protected.  I also serve as the Treasurer for our tax-free scholarship fund, The Susan Lindahl Memorial Scholarship.  I work closely with an accounting firm to ensure that our funds are used in accordance with IRS rules.  

I take serving on the Board seriously and feel it is a privilege and honor to serve on the PAOS board.  I have enjoyed serving as Treasurer and hope to continue for another term. 

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For North Central Regional Director

Mike Harvey, PA-C, MBA

As the current North Central Regional Director I am asking for your continued support for another term to serve the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Serving as the North Central Regional Director over the past two years, and with the current PAOS leadership we have taken several steps to improve the organization and serve its members. Our work is ongoing and with current leadership we will continue to more the organization forward.

It has been an honor to serve the PAOS members. Like many of the members, the PAOS has been a great benefit to me. I continue to get amazing content through attending multiple PAOS CME events. I have had the opportunity to represent the PAOS at other national meeting such as the American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE). The PAOS spends time representing its members at several meetings around the country.

Serving as the current NC regional director has allowed me to network and develop friendships from around the country and across several different orthopedic specialties. I would like to have the opportunity to continue to represent the profession on the local, regional and national level.

I believe we have opportunity for ongoing organizational growth and to continue to strengthen our relationship with other professional organizations. I believe that increasing membership should be paired with increasing services that the organization offers. I believe one of the strongest assets of the PAOS is the educational content that is presented at the annual CME conferences, and look forward to additional CME offerings. We will continue to work on how we deliver content. I believe that everyone chooses to gain knowledge in many different forms and I would like to see the PAOS continue to explore varied content delivery methods.  

As an administrator in my own organization, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the PAOS board and hope to continue to contribute.

We have much continued work to do within the organization and I assure you that the PAOS leadership is set to take on that challenge. I hope that you will entrust in me and allow me to continue to serve as the North Central Regional Director. 

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For Southwest Regional Director

Krista Bartlett, PA-C

I am very thrilled to hear about an opportunity to work as a volunteer representative for the PAOS. I have worked the past 6 years as an orthopedic PA and surgical first assist. I started in California working in a private practice focusing on general orthopedics, trauma, and total joint replacement. I moved to North Carolina for 3 years working for a private practice where I specialized in orthopedic spine surgery. In June 2017, I returned to the Bay Area to work as an orthopedic surgical first assist at Kaiser Permanente in Redwood City, California.

The last 6 years have broadened my foundation of orthopedic skills, but more importantly taught me how to be a valuable part of a practice. I know how to be an integral member of a high-functioning surgical team – encouraging communication, building trust, and managing conflict. My superior performance has earned me 100% patient satisfaction ratings and resounding written evaluations from my attending surgeons. I also rank consistently near the top for patient turnover and revenue, and am among a minority of PAs achieving the NCCPA’s Certificate of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in orthopedic surgery.

As an experienced practicing orthopedic PA, I have a significant amount of autonomy and am drawn to this elected position to help increase opportunities for senior PAs like myself and help empower new PAs to thrive in orthopedics. If elected, I will work on obtaining approval for practical skill courses to perform autonomous orthopedic procedures. I will act as a liaison for the Southwest region to answer questions, increase member attendance, and promote awareness of new exciting changes for PAs in orthopedics. I will work with local, state and country-wide PA organizations/school programs to increase and better PA work opportunities in orthopedics for this region

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