2019 Special Election Candidates
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2019 Special Election Candidates

We are pleased to announce the following candidates for South Central Regional Director. Voting opens November 1 and closes on November 15 at 12 midnight (EST). Eligible voting members will receive an email with a link to their ballot on November 1 and are only permitted to vote one time.


Emily Davenport, MPAS, PA-C

I am applying for the position of South Central Regional Director for PAOS because I am certain that bringing ALL orthopedic PA’s into a common place to help guide and support each other will enhance our strength in numbers as PA’s.  PAOS is a unique group of physician assistants that all have a goal of increasing our knowledge in orthopedics and the more members and support we have the better.  I have been practicing in orthopedics for 15 years, I completed an orthopedic residency upon graduation, then worked at one general orthopedic private practice for 10 years. I am now working in pediatric orthopedics and completed a pediatric orthopedic fellowship.  I have also passed the CAQ in orthopedics.  I changed jobs about 5 years ago and now work in a practice of 9 advance practice practitioners to include nurse practitioners, and they have all joined PAOS. I also work prn for an orthopedic urgent care and am encouraging all of their PA’s to join as well.  I will continue to strive to get more PA’s to join.  I joined PAOS in 2012 and went to my first meeting at Hilton Head and came away thinking of all my years I have practiced and all the many conferences I have attended, that was the best specialty specific PA conference ever.  PAOS conferences are geared towards the role of the PA and helping bridge the PA/physician relationship, and I want to be a part of a professional organization that is encouraging orthopedic PA’s to strive for more in the future.  Since then I have recommended any orthopedic PA I know to join and go to the conferences. I have seen PAOS grow from 1 conference a year to now 3 conferences.  I truly believe that PAOS is bringing out the best in orthopedic PA’s and improving our profession.  I am passionate about orthopedics and I know that bringing all PA’s that work in orthopedics together will unite us as one and we will become stronger as we continue to expand and grow and learn.  As a regional director I would strive to keep membership enrollment up because I know how valuable this membership really is and by communicating with other PA’s this will be possible.  I will be present and available to other directors and board members as well as PAOS general members to help in any way I am able.

Thank you for your consideration,

Emily M. Davenport, PA-C

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Gary Sakryd, MS, PA-C, AT(ret), DFAAPA

I wish to express my interest as a candidate for the South Central Regional Directorship. I am currently a physician assistant with the Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver / University of Colorado School of Medicine, Orthopaedic Department. I have been an active member in the orthopaedic/sports medicine community for the past 24 years, as an ATC and then a PA. I have also been an active member within PAOS, as a committee member for the Susan Lindahl Memorial Scholarship.

As a physician assistant in orthopaedics my entire career, I have seen a significant change in the orthopaedic landscape and the roles that PAs plays in the team dynamic. Our PA role has greatly expanded over the past 5 decades, not just as assistants but as primary orthopaedic providers. We have evolved to become a voice in many orthopaedic practices; for patients to better understand their conditions and long term outcomes. Physician assistants in orthopaedics act as “Personality Assistants (PAs)” for our attending surgeons and practices. We make complex problems more palatable for our patients and ease their worries about impending procedures, follow-up, and long term ramifications regarding their condition. We are a voice for our practices.

PAOS is the voice of our community. PAOS provides leadership, advocacy, educational opportunity and comradery for PAs in the orthopaedic setting. My goals are the same. As an elected ambassador of the PA orthopaedic community, I will strive to act as an honorable representative and voice for the constituents of the Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery. I hope to contribute to the goals and mission of PAOS, and listen to PAOS members when concerns arise.

I feel that every PA, as they matriculate through their career, should give back to their community.  A very wise mentor once told me:

“There are PAs out there that have FORGOTTEN more than you have LEARNED!! Seek these people out and become a sponge. Learn everything you can from them and apply their knowledge to your practice. You are the future of the profession, make sure that you give your forgotten knowledge back some day!!”

As South Central Regional Director, I will work hard to give back to the orthopaedic community and try to share any forgotten knowledge that I may have gained over the course of my career.

Thank you for your consideration,

Gary Sakryd, MS, PAC, AT(ret), DFAAPA

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Roldon Sanchez, PA

Being a PA has been a great profession but being an orthopedic PA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Don't get me wrong, I don't live to work, I work to live and if they quit sending me a check, I ain't showing up. However, after 20 plus years as an orthopedic PA, I still look forward to going to work and am blessed to have a profession I enjoy. 

Most of my working life I have been happy to just sit back and enjoy the life being a PA has given me and have never been involved in promoting my profession.  As I have aged, I have learned to be more appreciative of what being a PA has afforded me and have recently desired to be more involved.  I have entertained various avenues of involvement but I was inspired to participate when one of my friends, whom I never expected to get involved, became president of PAOS.  I want to join the people on our current board that are working to make PAOS more instrumental in offering opportunities to its members and network to increase PAOS membership in the South Central Region to make us a more viable organization.  Its not without careful consideration and commitment that I submit my name for the South Central Representative.  I would appreciate your vote.  

Thank you,

Roldon Sanchez

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Jeff Spivey, MPAS, PA-C

Greetings to all my colleagues and peers in PAOS.  I am entering the election for the South Central Regional Director and would humbly ask for support and your vote in November.

I have been a PA for 19 years, with 5 years in family medicine and 14 years in orthopaedics.  I served 20 years of active duty in the US Army and have now been a civil service PA for 13 years.  My experience in our field involves working with over 30 surgeons in all areas of clinical and surgical orthopaedics.

I am a PA educator and mentor daily.  I began my work with PAOS in 2016 as the co-chair of the CME Committee and have continued in that role through the present.  I have taught and co-taught graft preparation labs for 3 of those 4 years and assisted with organization of the annual conference.

With regard to leadership in the PA profession, I have been asked to serve on and have participated in various NCCPA committees investigating the roles and responsibilities of orthopaedic PA’s and PANRE alternative testing.  I currently serve as the sole PA representative on the Medical Staff Executive Committee for my hospital.  I have guest lectured numerous times for PA students, ER and FP interns, primary care PA’s and NP’s, and prospective PA students.

As I have grown in this profession, I have a greater appreciation for leadership into the future.  If elected, I will serve the South Central Region with passion and humility as a representative to the PAOS Board of Directors.

Thank you,

Jeff Spivey, MS, PA-C

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