PAOS Supports the Black Community and Pledges to Combat Racism


June 10, 2020


We have spent the past week listening and learning on how we can lift not only our organization and its members to a higher standard of inclusiveness, but also how we can lift the communities around us. The continued violence, senseless killings and hateful discrimination the Black community has endured is deplorable. We condemn racism in any form and believe in the basic human right to live a life free from the bonds of ignorance and hatred. We know that right now, these are just words and words are not enough. This statement is not our finish line, but our starting point.


We are making a commitment to educate ourselves and our colleagues on the evils of racism and hate. We are devoted, along with the AAPA and AAOS, to eliminate racism and bias in healthcare. To start, we are developing and producing a series of podcasts to address these issues to further educate ourselves and our colleagues on intolerance and hate and how we can combat it. Next, we believe it is important to expand our outreach committee to better identify and financially support organizations that serve the people in the communities where we host our conferences. We understand that it is our duty to promote diversity in our profession and leadership. As such, we will be hosting diversity-centered educational topics at our conferences that will be recorded and published online. We will host roundtable discussions/workshops at our meetings to promote an organization that is built on understanding and respect. We will also task our scholarship committee to develop ways to better promote diversity in our scholarship awards.


We believe that as PAs, we can truly make a difference. We are a group of healthcare professionals who have taken an oath to serve our patients without judgement or bias. We are all trained to take a team approach to the delivery of care and we learn from each other. This teamwork is founded on respect and dignity. To all of our Black colleagues, and to any of our PA brothers and sisters who have experienced racism and hatred, we want you to know that you are not alone and we stand with you. Always. We are asking for your support and participation to help move our world towards a better future. We are in this together and want to hear your ideas about what we can do to improve as an organization.




Sam Dyer, PA-C
President, PAOS