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ORTHOPEDICS TODAY print publication (*Please allow up to 12 weeks to receive publication.)

This monthly print publication arrives with news, updates on issues important to the profession and informative insights on current topics.

Sample articles:

PRP with arthroscopic acromioplasty did not improve outcomes for chronic rotator cuff tendinopathy for up to 2 years
AAOS releases new guidelines for ACL injury prevention, treatment

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Specific annual survey data for PAs practicing in orthopaedics includes:

Base Salary by years experience
Total Compensation by region
Bonus compensation
Vacation / Time-Off
And much more



 PAOS Membership Newsletter - PAOS News

This quarterly publications keeps members in touch with the happenings in their membership.  Information about upcoming opportunities, CME events, advocacy updates and much more!


Arthritis Health Monitor is a magazine for those living with the challenges of arthritis and those who support that journey.  It a packed with inspiration, motivation, health advice and encouragement. 


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