About Us

Let’s Get Acquainted

We Value What You Do

As an organization of dedicated physician assistants, PAOS values the same things our members value in their daily lives. We value careers and the challenges and opportunities they bring. We value education, and we know we can learn from patients, industry experts, colleagues, and from ourselves. As empowered individuals, we value leadership and the effect we have on others. We value the impact of collective voices and the changes advocacy can bring. Most of all, we value the community of passionate orthopaedic physician assistants which PAOS has and continues to cultivate.

Our Mission to Serve You

PAOS is a professional organization dedicated to providing common direction for PAs in orthopaedics. We will provide high quality educational programs to advance our members knowledge of musculoskeletal healthcare. We will provide a forum for networking and information dissemination and job placement for PAs in orthopaedics. We will educate physicians and allied health professionals on PA education, training, certification and changing legislation. We will promote the physician/PA team concept.

Putting it into Practice

The 2,000+ members belonging to PAOS fuel our drive to fulfill this mission and maintain our standing as a community of outstanding health professionals. Since 2000, the PAOS Annual Conference has served as our flagship event, offering networking, CME, and social events for over 600 PAs each year. In 2016, we established a second annual meeting, the Spring CME, to meet subspecialty education demand and provide a platform for more interactive discussions.  With the success of the subspecialty meeting, our Board felt it was important to expand our reach and offer another subspecialty meeting on the West Coast.  The first "Ortho in the West" meeting was offered in Phoenix, AZ in 2019.  We will continue to offer these three meetings each year.

In addition to providing high quality educational programs for individuals, we strive to improve the industry holistically. We serve as the unified voice for orthopaedic PAs and hold a seat in the AAPA House of Delegates. The Susan Lindahl Memorial Scholarship has attracted PA students to the orthopaedic field and awarded over $53,000 to outstanding individuals and future leaders. We relish at the thought of providing meaningful opportunities for orthopaedic PAs to celebrate and improve their practice, and we constantly strive to continue affecting change for generations to come.