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WKK Books

PAOS is pleased to introduce an exciting NEW partnership with Wolters Kluwer.  PAOS members now receive an exclusive 30% discount on the top 25 selected titles purchased by PAs.

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 Price $65.99 Price: $699.99  Price: $114.99

 PAOS Price: $46.19


 PAOS Price: $489.99


PAOS Price: $80.99


 Price: 184.99  Price: $239.99  Price: $499.99
 PAOS Price: $129.49  PAOS Price: $167.99  PAOS Price: $349.99


PAOS is proud to announce a new partnership with Medelita®, a company that provides high quality, professional medical lab coats and scrubs. This affiliation agreement creates additional benefits for members of PAOS, who are now eligible to receive an exclusive 15% discount for all full priced Medelita products available on Medelita's online store.

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